About Us

Our journey and passion for flowers.

Blooms and Wishes, founded in 2022, embodies a dream nurtured with love and hard work. Our journey started with a passion for flowers and a vision to spread joy across Columbia, MO.

The Sallie Experience

Blooms and Wishes offers a distinctive experience through our flower stem bar on wheels, lovingly known as Sallie the truck. Our stem-bar is more than arranging flowers; it's also about creating memories and celebrating life’s milestones.


From Farm to Bouquet

We cultivate our own flowers on our farm, ensuring each petal reflects the care and dedication that goes into every bouquet. Alongside our homegrown flowers, we offer thoughtfully selected wholesale options, adding diversity and richness to our floral selections.

Crafting Connections and Memories

We craft and deliver bespoke creations, provide engaging classes, and contribute to the magic of your special events. Whether it's a bouquet that speaks your heart or an experience that ignites your creativity, we're here to make your moments truly special.

Flower Event Private Party
Stephanie standing in front of Sallie-The Blooms and Wishes flower truck

Meet Stephanie: The Heart Behind Blooms and Wishes

"Blooms and Wishes is a dream built from hard work, tenacity, a love of flowers and a selfless village of family and friends that are family."

Sallie's Legacy: A Tribute to Resilience and Love

Sallie the Truck and the Spirit Within

Our beloved Sallie the truck is more than a mobile flower haven; she's a tribute to resilience, creativity, and the enduring love of family. Named after my grandmother, Sallie, she encapsulates the spirit of determination and unwavering devotion that Sallie embodied throughout her life. Like her namesake, Sallie the truck symbolizes the joy of sharing, the art of giving, and the beauty of a life well-lived. As I nurture Sallie the truck, I remember and honor the woman whose love for flowers and family continues to inspire us every day. Stay tuned for future chapters, as we explore new horizons with the spirit of loved ones by our side.

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